A little bit about me. I was born and raised in East Germany surrounded by a collection of antique ceramics…witnessed the Berlin wall coming down…trained at Burg Giebichentstein - University of Art & Design in Halle with a focus on textile and fashion…moved to London in 1997...worked and travelled in the name of fashion…had a daughter…then a son…then another son - so swapped a career in fashion for happy years with my little ones…in my spare moments I began to explore ceramics…went back to my roots and the ceramic collection of my childhood… I quickly fell in love with it and its opposites to fashion, being so much more permanent. Each piece being one of a kind. Ideas and making are one.

Aspects of my career in fashion influence my work with clay, in particular textiles are a big inspiration - techniques like batik. I’m interested in how a pattern changes when it’s wrapped around something. And I care about how objects will fit the hands that will hold it. I primarily use the pinching method to achieve this, and because I like the freedom it offers. I leave my pinch marks on the inside as a testimony of the intimate nature involved.


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